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Tenax MaxWind, an efficient sweeping system for pedestrian areas. Thanks to Tenax MaxWind, manual sweeping today has a new ally. This new electric sidewalk sweeper is able to support and strengthen the cleaning activity in every urban, commercial and industrial area, ensuring operator’s comfort and safety and allowing an efficient sweeping of PM10 fine dust. MaxWind can also help the operator reaching difficult access areas thanks to the 3 meters easy-to-use suction hose and the broom holder placed on the side of the machine. Sidewalks and pedestrian areas won’t seem the same anymore thanks to the chance to combine the sweeping action of MaxWind to a light but efficient water spraying system on the side brushes, with the further possibility of spreading a pleasant clean fragrance.

Tenax MaxWind, tireless for 365 days in a year. Other than being the world’s first electric sidewalk sweeper, Tenax MaxWind is also the first machine which is able to work in every condition and at every temperature. Thanks to its mechanical – suction – filtering system Tenax MaxWind collects both light and heavy, moist or dusty waste both in dry and wet conditions, filtering the PM10 fine dust and, if necessary, in complete absence of water.

Tenax MaxWind, ecological and inexpensive. Choosing an ecological sweeper is, from now on, also synonymous of inexpensive. Forget about hydraulic or combustion engine maintenance, oil leaks or filter
replacements; you won’t have to worry about increasing petrol or gasoline prices anymore and you’ll be able to estimate serenely and without any unexpected risks your maintenance costs. Being a fully electric vehicle, we also suggest informing yourselves if any government financial support is available in your area in order to buy your new Tenax MaxWind.

Tenax MaxWind, an easy to use evolved technology. Tenax MaxWind is built to be immediately usable without specific training and with no need of driving license. Function buttons are intuitive, electrically activated and easy to reach; furthermore, the waste collecting system is based on a 110 L inexpensive light easy to manage plastic bag. If you use Tenax MaxWind, leave your work gloves at home.

Tenax MaxWind, built proudly in Italy to last. Accordingly to our vision, a cleaning product has to be, other than efficient and ecological, also solid and easy to maintain. Tenax MaxWind is a clear example of this vision, built in 5mm thick steel, powder coated and powered by 4 Italian made electric engines. Its electrical wiring are numbered and linked to electronic US made choppers and all main services are mechanically controlled. 95% of Tenax MaxWind’ s components are from the European Union.