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Tenax MaxWind SH, powerful and tireless in every situation. If you’re looking for a sweepers of powerful performances and ready to work constantly in every condition, Tenax MaxWind SH is the right product for your needs. Equipped with a powerful and silent petrol 5,5 Hp Honda engine, Tenax MaxWind is powered by a traction hydraulic engine which allows to climb 25 % slope and it’s ideal to sweep on natural or artificial grass , football, and golf fields.

A new cleaning concept. The road sweeper Max Wind is a newly developed product can forever change the way it is conceived sweeping of sidewalks, pedestrian areas, parking lots and any area of ​​small and medium size, both internal and external.

Designed for our customers. The design of the road sweeper Max Wind comes from twenty years of experience of our technical design and the constant attention we pay to the needs of our customers. Municipalities, municipal companies, services firms are in fact constantly looking for a product that can clean environments permanently, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Efficient and effective. Max Wind is by definition a fact sweeper efficient. Thanks to its mechanical sweeping system, suction filter, is able to sweep at high speeds, waste of small and large, heavy and light, in addition to being inimitable on any type of turf. Max Wind also is the only sweeper from sidewalks able to sweep large amounts of dust, in the presence or absence of water, ensuring a PM10, also with the possible application of an absolute filter (optional).

Simple, safe and agile. Using Max Wind is extremely easy and intuitive, which is why it can be driven by inexperienced and without a license; Moreover sweeper Max Wind has electric controls are easy to understand and identify the make ready for use. Big wheels skim the front and rear mechanical suspension, making it a much balanced and safe, able to go up and down stairs and ramps to sidewalks vans with great agility.

An indispensable business tool. The sweeper Max Wind is a working tool flexible, ideal to support the activities of manual sweeping in any environment, both public and private thanks to its ergonomic door side brooms and a drain of the waste directly into a lot of 80 liters. The machine is made available in two engine (EH electric and combustion SH); It is equipped with a rear carriage (standard) that allows the operator to work either seated or standing and also combines the activities sweeping to that suction by means of its powerful suction tube that allows the operator to achieve angles and positions difficult to access.

Built to last. The simple construction and the quality of the components used in the assembly of Max Wind, makes for unsurpassed reliability, accessibility and ease of maintenance. His frame of structural steel 5mm thick, its simple and innovative electrical Curtis, its external protective casings fully in powder coated steel and the extraordinary range of its batteries (8 h in traction and 5 h in work), are the hallmarks of Max Wind and that make it a unique and inimitabile.elle its batteries (8 h in traction and 5 h in work), are the hallmarks of Max Wind and that make it a unique and inimitable.

Cleaning system Mechanical vacuum
Main brush width Cm 70
Width with two side brushes Cm 125
Size and Weight
Length Cm 186
Width Cm 125
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Front brush protected by mechanical fuse.

Holding tank 15 liters for front brushes.

Suction hose with generous dimensions and high performance.

Side broom. Ergonomic and functional.

PM10 fine dust filter, easy to clean and maintain.

Dumping ground back in a special sack 80 liters of instant access.

Mechanical rear suspension, a guarantee of stability and comfort.