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Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Tenax Sweepers offers a spare parts service thanks to which you’ll be sure to access an efficient and fast spare parts supply service. Tenax Sweepers is synonymous to quality at competitive prices and the warranty of a 100 % supplied stock of the necessary parts required for the maintenance and repair of our products. Try our VIP service and you’ll receive your spare parts in 24 h from the order.

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You’ll never be alone. Tenax Sweepers guarantees a complete assistance thanks to specialized always-available technicians, having in mind as the priority our dealers and our customers’ needs. Thanks to a highly experienced network of accurately selected dealers is assured complete local support for a fast problems resolution and a continuous and specialized repair and maintenance.

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Know the product to the best. Our on-the-job learning sessions, held by highly specialized technicians, offer the best technical and practical knowledge of the machine in order to achieve the best out of your Tenax MaxWind, reduce costs and extend the life of the machine itself. For any doubt, request or need we will offer maximum attention and always the best solution.