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Tenax MaxWind is a product conceived to work at cities and citizens service. It’s incredible suction and sweeping ability, its agility and its extraordinary quietness make the Tenax MaxWind unbeatable in cleaning city centres, pedestrian areas, cycle lanes, parks and public gardens. Furthermore, thanks to its small size and its powerful suction hose, the machine is the ideal solution for sidewalks and difficult access areas.

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Tenax MaxWind is the first sweeper that proposes a cleaning solution for both private and public companies as well as cleaning contractors engaged in the sweeping of outdoor areas of supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals and airports. Often Tenax MaxWind’ s extraordinary quietness, efficiency and manoeuvrability skills are required for parking and green areas inside those locations. Thanks to its small size the machine is the ideal solution for working on sidewalks and difficult access areas, often located inside Golf Clubs, Grand Hotels and Resorts.

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Tenax MaxWind is the ideal sweeper for small and medium industrial and logistical areas. Thanks to its electric motorization it’s the perfect product both for indoor and outdoor spaces and by means of its mechanical – suction – filtering system is suitable for both solid and dusty waste. The small sizes of Tenax MaxWind makes sweeping small and difficult to access areas easy and confortable.